Additional Succulent and Cacti Info

2", 4" and 6" describes the size of the pot, not the size of the succulent so keep that in mind when trying to reference the size of selected plant. You will receive a plant of similar size and shape pictured. Keep in mind that the color they get is from the sun so they may look more "dull" upon receiving them after days of transit. Transition them back into more sun and you should see that vibrant color again! Also, if the pic shows a bloom that does not necessarily mean that yours will arrive in bloom. Blooms only last for so long so I cannot guarantee that yours will be blooming but they can get multiple blooms a year so it shouldn't take long!    


Important Shipping Info

          We only ship BARE ROOT unless you request differently! Bare root means no pot and little to no soil. I personally have found that succulents ship much better using this method and the shipping costs are way more reasonable. I will carefully wrap each succulent or cactus in your or